How easy will it be for you to finally quit cigarettes with hypnosis?

A part of you wants to give up smoking for your own good and another part has it’s own reasons for holding on. Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking cold turkey, or with patches, or using pharmaceutical drugs from your doctor, and nothing has worked. Don't despair, I have been able to help hundreds of people stop smoking with hypnosis. Together we will exam what is holding your habit in place and then dismantle it.


Basic Program

If you are in good health and in a relatively stable place in your life then this program is for you. Most smokers can stop after the first session, however studies have shown that multiple sessions have greater success over time. Because you want to quit for good I have designed a program of two sessions.

Two Session Quit

In our first session (2 hours) we will review your smoking history and get an understanding of when, where and why you smoke. You will learn simple self-hypnosis techniques to deal with any temptations that come up during the week. Together we will frame suggestions to be given to the subconscious mind. After this hypnotic processes will be followed so that you leave a non smoker.

In the second session (1 hour) we will monitor your progress:

  • 80% of my clients have a simple physical addiction and stop smoking after the first session. In this case we hypnotically seal the your freedom from addiction so you remain a non smoker in the future.

  • In around 20% of cases there is a strong emotional hook and clients have had difficult moments during the week. If this happens to you we may need to spend this session dismantling that program in you mind. I will ask you to come back a week later for a further session to seal the work. It is important to stay with the process until you are confident that you really are now a non-smoker. 

Two session quit: $450 (less than 10 packs of cigarettes)

Follow up third session (if necessary): $120

To find out more about how to stop smoking with hypnosis contact me using the form below or call:


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